“Officium medici est, ut tuto,
ut celeriter, ut jucundo sanet.”
                         ( лат.) Celsius


We have achieved successful clinical experience in adults and children treatment with following hand pathology: tendons and nerves injuries; fractures, dislocations, delayed unions, nonunions, malunions, pseudarthrosis of the metacarpals, phalanges, carpal bones; congenital hand deformities ( syndactyly, brachydactyly, brachymetacarpia, clinodactyly, polydactyly etc.); trigger finger; de Quervain's disease; tumors of the hand and wrist; entrapment neuropathies; tenosynovitis etc. We have unique successful experience in the diagnostic and treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture,  hand deformities in longstanding injuries of the median,ulnar and radial nerves, use of an external fixation apparatus in the hand injuries treatment and lengthening of the hand and foot fingers. We use both: modern and tested by time treatment methods depending the case. We can provide the best possible care to patients from all countries over the world.

Ортопедия, травматология и протезирование. 2012. №2. С. 95-96.

Голобородько С.А.

Дополнительные приемы для тестирования короткого разгибателя І пальца кисти.
Наш адрес:
61178, Украина, г.Харьков,
Салтовское шоссе 266, корпус B,
Харьковская областная клиническая
травматологическая больница,
3 этаж.
Kharkov Regional Traumatological
Hospital, Saltovskoye shosse 266,
corp. C, 61178, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Контактный телефон: +380 93 137 87 62
Сергей Анатольевич Голобородько
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